Bhagat Singh never joind Communist Party of India.

In the time of Bhagat Singh, Communist Party of india had  been already formed but he never joined it. Bhagat singh instead joined the group of Ram Prasad Bismil called Hindustan Republican Association. that Ram Prasad Bismil who was a staunch Arya Samaji, a Hindu who was also involved in converting Muslims to Hinduism. Bhagat Singh was born in a Sikh household, and his Grandfather was a staunch Arya Samaji. If you read Bhagat Singh’s article ‘Why I am an atheist’, in this he has written that how when he was young, his Grandfather took him to altar of fire and said out loud, ‘I dedicate him to Bharat!’ What it means is that in Bhagat singh, the feelings and emotions of devotion towards Nation came from his family, his birth environment, his inherent sanskars (traits and tendencies), from his Grandfather, his uncle (who had sacrificed his everything in the Freedom Movement),’ and certainly not from any communism. Next point, Veer Savarkari, whom all these lal-chaddi-dhari (red underpant wearers) and Congress [party] people hate so much, that same Veer Savarkar had written a book- ‘The first war of independence of 1857’. That book was banned by the British. That book’s 3rd edition was published by whom? Now hearing this might cause some discomfort to lal chaddi dharis and Congressions, but the fact is that Bhagat Singh had published its 3rd edition! And when after Bhagat Singh and his allies were arrested and police raided their dwellings, then a copy of that book in possession of each of them was found. That book [written by Savarkar] was a source of inspiration for Bhagat Singh.  GIFT TO DEFEND HINDUISM At the time Bhagat Singh was into publishing this book, at the same time Veer Savarkar was working for Hindu Nationalism in full throttle. Now which was the favorite song of Bhagat Singh and his friends?- ‘Mera rang de BASANTI Chola ( Paint my robes SAFFRON!)‘. Not green, not red, not blue, not white, but ‘paint it BASANTI(Bhagva/ Saffron)’. And the song which Ram Prasad Bismil and AshfaqUllah Khan wrote together, what are the lines in that song,- ‘Jis chole ko pahan shivaji nikle apni aan se’ (The robes which Shivaji wore as he came out to fight). Who Shivaji came out to fight, I dont need to mention this. Howsomuch ever these Congressions and Lal-chaddidhari say, truth is that Bhagat was a fierce Nationalist.         

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