Facts about Mamta Banerjee …. shocking

Hardly anyone knows the real name of Mamta Banerjee That’s why I am posting “compilation” for your information so that everyone knows what he is doing here by changing his name. Just as Yusuf Khan (in the film industry) is shining the name of Dilip Kumar In the same way Shushri Mamta Banerjee’s situation is being sent to everyone’s information. Do you know that Mamta Banerjee’s Real name … Mumtaz Masamah Khatun What luck Hindus have found Sonia Gandhi’s real name, Anthony Adavige Alvina .. * Similarly, a very big truth is about Mamta Banerjee. Why this woman is killing so many Hindus in Bengal? Then she has also been removed from the religion of the first Muslim in Wikipedia. Different books have different descriptions about the religion of this Muslim blind devotee. But Mamta Banerjee is a Muslim. Mamta Banerjee reads namaz everyday and her real name is Mumtaz Masama. It has a master’s degree from the University of Calcutta. On “History of Islam” .. Have you never been surprised at why she speaks a lot better urdu than Hindi? To date, has anyone seen Bindi on her forehead? Do you know that the first stoppage of the Bangladeshi people is Bengal? They are called “Dhaka Bayanglis”. You would hardly know that Mamta actually holds a lot more hate against Hindus than the maulvis ,mullahs. Do you know that when Mamta Banerjee was railway minister, she was trying to remove the names and symbols of all Hindu deities from the train. Banning some trains that run for pilgrimage. She’s killed thousands of Hindus till date, there are many videos, I have many but I can’t post, something no one would want to see.

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