This is the Samadhi (grave) of last Hindu emperor Hemachandra Vikamaditya (Hemu) in Panipat (Haryana).

Recently, it has been illegally converted into a Dargah. Why? Does Hemu not deserve a proper memorial? The government which lavishly spends crores on Aurangzeb’s grave in Khuldabad has been silently witnessing this illegal encroachment of Hemu’s Samadhi.

 This entire Hemu Samadhi Sthal of 10 acres was transferred by then CM Om Prakash Chautala in 1990 to ‘Wakf Board of Haryana’ whose Chairman, a Muslim MLA from Mewat area of Haryana allowed encroachments charging money from some people and allowed Pucca constructions.

 Samadhi is the location where Hemu was beheaded by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the second battle of Panipat “to earn the reward of Jihad and assume the title of Ghazi” (slayer of infidels)

After the battle, Hemu’s supporters built a Samadhi for him. But who was Hemu? Hemu was the last Hindu king to ascend the throne of Delhi and one of the greatest military generals in the history of India.

Hemu was born in a family of humble grocer selling Vaishyas. By the dint of sheer intelligence and hardwork, he rose through the ranks to become a Wazir of the Afghan king. He proved to be one of the best military generals of Indian history by achieving a continuous victory spree in 22 battles.

His most famous victories have been against the Mughal forces of Akbar in Agra and Delhi. Hemu defeated the Mughal governors of Agra and Delhi. He them declared himself the emperor, assumed the title “Vikramaditya” and began minting coins in his own name.

Hemu wished to permanently throw Mughal invaders out of India. After his victory at Delhi, he invaded Punjab which was still held by Akbar. Both forces met at Panipat on November 5, 1556. Hemu routed the Mughal army and almost won the battle when he was accidentally shot by an arrow in his eye and fell unconscious. His army fled and the battle was lost.

The Mughal invaders then made a pyramid of skulls out of the bodies of “Kafir” enemies. Young Akbar beheaded Hemu with his own hands because “killing a Kafir would earn a reward in Paradise”. Hemu’s severed head was then put in public display in Kabul.


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