Nehru is a criminal -shivraj Singh chouhan

The bjp leader and former cm of madyapradesh shivraj Singh chouhan said that jawaharalal Nehru was a criminal ,because of him today whole Kashmir is not in our control.

Maharaja hari singh was the last ruler of Jammu Kashmir ,he delayed to unite Jammu and Kashmir with India, Kashmir was a Muslim majority part, Pashtun Tribes from Pakistan invaded Kashmir and accupied the Kashmir ,then the home minister sardar Patel forced hari singh to join india ,then he signed an agreement with India government.

sardar Patel sent indian troops to recapture Kashmir, afterwards indian troops recaptured half of Kashmir but at that time nehru declared a ceacefire and went UN to resolve problem of Kashmir in world security council . UN in its judgement given Pakistan accupied Kashmir to the Pakistan govt and unaccupied land to the indian government.today whole Kashmir is not in the control of India administration.

“Jawaharlal nehru was a criminal , india is suffering from many problems because of his committed mistakes,when indian forces were chasing out Pakistani tribes from Kashmir ,he declared a ceacefire.if there wasn’t ceacefire for a few more days ,the whole of Kashmir should have been ours” said Shivraj singh chouhan

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